Campus Internships

Get involved in your community, develop leadership skills, meet new people, and make a difference on social issues that matter.

 As an intern, you will be a leader within a campaign team. In many cases, you will receive course credit for your work.




Voter Registration

  • Build coalitions, help register students to vote, and get them out to the polls for the upcoming elections!

Advocate for 100% Clean Renewable Energy in Massachusetts

  • Do local advocacy, grassroots organizing and media work to work towards a 100% clean renewable energy future in Massachusetts

Stop the Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms

  • Run photo-petition drives, work with the media, or build coalitions to convince the biggest restaurant chains in the world to stop serving meat raised on antibiotics to protect public health. 

Make Textbooks Affordable

  • Work with faculty members, librarians, and administrators about using free open-textbooks to save students thousands of dollars.

Fight Poverty in your Community

  • Organize service trips and fundraisers for a local poverty relief agency.

Save the Bees

  • Do grassroots organizing and media work to convince the EPA to ban the pesticides that are killing bees and threatening our food supply.

Run your own local project to tackle a public interest issue in your community!



 Communication Skills

  • Improve your public speaking and one-on-one meeting skills. 
  • Polish your writing skills.
  • Learn how to collaborate with media outlets.

 Campaign Skills

Learn the basics of running a campaign:

  • Recruit and train volunteers
  • Generate grassroots support (petitions, letters, calls)
  • Build coalitions
  • Organize large events
  • Learn campaign strategies 

Leadership Skills

  • Run meetings
  • Work with teams
  • Plan large events
  • Develop other leaders
  • Manage volunteers
  • Delegate responsibilities and manage your time